igclient.exe opens and closes instantly

When you double click on the client program igclient.exe, you will briefly see a command window open and then close. This is normal. igclient.exe is a command-line program that takes command line options. If no options are giving, it prints a list of options it takes and closes. To use the program, you need to be on the command-line. Goto Start, Run and type “cmd”. That will open up a command-line. From there you need to change to the directory contains the iguanaIR software:

cd c:\Program Files\IguanaIR

Once you are here, you can run the igclient.exe and see its output. Run:


To test that the client can talk to our USB IR Transceiver, run:

igclient.exe –get-version

and you should see something like

get version: success: version=0x0306

For more information on using igclient, please see the igclient examples page.