USB IR Transceiver

USB IR Transceiver


USB device to send and receive IR: have your computer send IR signals to your DVR; receive IR signals from a remote control. Works under Linux and Windows.Our standard USB IR Transceiver can send and receive infra-red (IR) signals. It comes in 3 different variations. Common to all versions:

  • Receive Standard 38 kHz IR Signals
  • Transmit IR Codes at (25 – 125 kHz carrier frequency)
  • USB device works under Linux and Windows
The difference between the three version are how IR is transmitted:
  • Dual Socket: Contains 2 stereo 3.5mm jacks for connecting wired IR emitters (also called blasters). Each jack can control two independent transmit channels, enabling a total of 4 independent IR sending channels. To transmit IR using this device, you need one of our IR Emitters per channel. To use two channels per socket, you need an stereo->mono adapter.
  • Dual LED:  Has two integrated IR LED’s for transmitting IR directly from the device. Does not need (nor support) any IR Blasters. Has two independent channels.
  • Hybrid: Has one stereo 3.5mm jack and one integrated IR LED. Three independent channels: two via wired emitters, one with on-board LED.
Also, if you want to use a wired IR receiver, please take a look at the Socket Receive USB IR Transceiver.


Device Type Port A Port B
Dual Socket Channels 1 & 2* Channels 3 & 4*
Dual LED Channel 1 Channel 3
Hybrid Channel 1 Channels 3&4
* Channel only accessible with stereo->mono adapter


  • Receive standard 38kHz carrier IR signals used by most remotes
  • Transmit IR with 10ft transmit range (depending on receiver) and 50° cone angle
  • USB device compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0
  • Transmit IR on up to 4 independent channels.
  • User adjustable transmission carrier frequency from 25kHz to 100kHz
  • Compatible with LIRC and WinLIRC


Our USB IR Transmitter/Receiver is a standard USB device that can transmit and receive the infrared codes supported byLIRC (Linux only) and WinLIRC (Windows only). Combined with (Win)LIRC, this device can communicate with most home electronics, such as TVs, stereos, DVD players, receivers, and their associated remote controls. When used with MythTV, you can turn your computer into a TiVo-like media center. We can send and receive IR under Linux and Windows. We do not support MAC OS X, although there is an UNSUPPORTED MAC OS/X project. Decoding remote control commands is currently supported under Linux via LIRC and under Windows via WinLIRC. Our software, both binaries and source code, is available in the Downloads section and is licensed under the GPL. We happily accept patches to our code. We would like to extend the ability to decode remote control signals MAC OS/X either through LIRC or an alternative. If you would like to help us with that, or any make any other software contributions, please contact us.

IR Emitters

Wired Emitter


Wired emitters have an LED on one end of the cable and a 3.5 mm plug for use in the socketed versions of our USB IR Transceiver.

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