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 +====== Welcome to the IguanaWorks Support and Documentation Project ======
 +Here you will find technical information regarding the IguanaWorks [[http://​iguanaworks.net/​products/​usb-ir-transceiver/​|USB IR Transceiver]] and [[http://​iguanaworks.net/​products/​series-transceiver/​|Serial IR Transceiver]] in additional to basic information about ordering and shipping. If you are having a problem with your IR Transceiver,​ you can either [[http://​iguanaworks.net/​contact-iguanaworks/​|contact us]] or you create a [[http://​iguanaworks.net/​projects/​IguanaIR/​query|support ticket]] (you must [[http://​iguanaworks.net/​projects/​IguanaIR/​register|register]] first). ​
 +As with all IguanaWorks software, the software and firmware are open, according to our [[license|license terms]]. Our Subversion software repository is available [[http://​iguanaworks.net/​repos/​iguanair/​public/​trunk/​|here]] for browsing or checkout.
 +===== General IguanaWorks Information:​ =====
 +  * [[:​orders:​faq|Ordering : Shipping FAQ]] -- Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing.
 +  * [[https://​www.iguanaworks.net/​osTicket/​index.php|Support Ticketing System]] -- Our ticket system for sales and support questions.
 +===== USB IR Transceiver =====
 +The IguanaWorks USB IR Transceiver is a simple USB device that can communicate with most home electronics and remote controls via infrared (IR).  The transceiver can both send and receive IR codes, and is fully compatible with [[http://​www.lirc.org/​|LIRC]] under Linux and [[http://​winlirc.sourceforge.net/​|WinLIRC]] under windows. ​ Unlike serial devices, the USB transceiver does not require a kernel module, and multiple transceivers can be in use at the same time.  Each transceiver can transmit on up to 4 independent channels (dual socket version only). The transmitter is high-power compared to most serial devices, with a range of 10 ft.  We support [[http://​www.lirc.org/​|LIRC]] and [[http://​winlirc.sourceforge.net/​|WinLIRC]]. Basic overview and purchasing information available [[http://​iguanaworks.net/​products/​usb-ir-transceiver/​|here]].
 +  * [[:​usbir:​GettingStarted|Getting Started]] -- Start here if you own the device and want to get it working (with LIRC).
 +  * [[:​usbir:​faq|FAQ]] -- Frequently Asked Questions about the USB IR Transceier
 +  * [[:​usbir:​IgDaemonErrors|Common IgDaemon Errors]] -- Common IgDaemon errors and solutions
 +  * [[:​usbir:​CompileLIRC|Compile LIRC]] -- Instructions for compiling LIRC with support for Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver
 +  * [[:​usbir:​LircErrors|Common LIRC Errors]] -- Common LIRC errors and solutions
 +  * [[https://​www.iguanaworks.net/​files|Download Drivers]] -- On this page you'll find the drivers for our usb devices in source form and packaged binaries (rpm and deb).
 +  * [[:​usbir:​Android|Android]] -- Nothing yet. Please post on Android and Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver here.
 +  * User-Contributed Wiki's / Howto'​s:​
 +    * [[:​usbir:​IpodOrIphoneForWindows|IpodOrIphoneForWindows]] -- Controlling Windows using an iPod Touch or iPhone
 +    * [[http://​www.vintage-art-and-posters.com/​IR-Pogo/​|Guide to setting up Iguanaworks IR device with Seagate Dockstar or Pogo-Plug family of ARM devices]]
 +===== Advanced Technical Information on USB IR Transceiver =====
 +  * [[:​hardware|Hardware]] -- Hardware description,​ Schematics and Layout
 +  * [[:​firmware|Firmware]] -- Firmware Overview
 +  * [[:​driver|Driver]] -- Device Driver Overview ​
 +  * [[:​igclient|Sample Client]] -- Overview of the Sample Client, igclient
 +  * [[:​hwProtocol|HW Protocol]] -- Hardware-to-Driver Protocol Specification
 +  * [[:​driverProtocol|Driver Protocol]] -- Driver-to-Application Protocol Specification