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How do I get debugging messages from igdaemon?
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If you have problems, the first thing to do is get any warnings / errors from igdaemon. To do this, first stop the daemon and then run the igdaemon in a terminal. To stop the daemon (service) in Windows, run
	net stop igdaemon
and in Linux, run
sudo /etc/init.d/iguanaIR stop
And then running the daemon in debug mode with the command (Linux):
sudo igdaemon -n -v -v -v
or for Windows:
igdaemon -v -v -v
You should see something like:
DEBUG: Device list 0xbff41958:
DEBUG:   0x804f018: usb:2.5 id=0
INFO: Worker 0 starting
DEBUG2: o0x0000cd01
DEBUG2: i0x
DEBUG: 0 length recv on 0.
DEBUG2: i0x0000dc010300
DEBUG: Received ctl header: 0x1
INFO: Transaction: 0x1 (12808 microseconds)
INFO: Found device version 3
DEBUG2: o0x0000cd0d
ERROR: No response from device.
ERROR: Failed to get id.
N.B. the error shown at the bottom of this output is perfectly normal, and merely means that the device has not yet been programmed with a label or id. This is the configuration of our devices when shipped. The id can be set to the string "fred" with the igclient command:
igclient --set-id fred
The reason the daemon looks for this id at startup is to create a symlink such that the device can be referred to as "fred" in commands. This provides users with multiple devices to distinguish between the physical devices regardless of their order in the USB bus, or some transient reordering. You may get a message requesting you run
igdaemon --devices
and when you do so, that command notes that the device is claimed by a kernel driver. In that case, run
sudo rmmod iguanair
and consider blacklisting the module in /etc/modprobe.d. See Resource Busy for more details.

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