Socket Receive

USB IR Transceiver (SR)

Unit Price: $40.00 each

USB device to send and receive IR using wired IR Emitter and wired IR receiver. Same functionality as USB IR Transceiver, but without on-board IR receiver and socket for a wired receiver.This version of the USB IR Transceiver has two 3.5 mm sockets:

  • Socket A: transmits IR using an IR Emitter and supports up to two independent transmit channels when used with a  stereo->mono adapter.
  • Socket B: accepts our IR Receiver and allows the device to be separated from the location receiving the IR signal.

For full specifications, please see the USB IR Transceiver page.

IR Emitters

Wired Emitter


Wired emitters have an LED on one end of the cable and a 3.5 mm plug for use in the socketed versions of our USB IR Transceiver.

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IR Receivers

Wired Receiver


Wired IR receivers receive 38 kHz IR signals and output an demodulated electronic signal. For use with our USB IR Transceiver: Socket Receive.

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