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USB IR Transceiver

Igclient examples

If you want to check the firmware version of your device (or just check that you are able to talk to the device), run: igclient –get-version To get the name (or id) of a device, run: igclient –get-id If you want to set the id of a device (warning, please stop LIRC before running this […]

USB IR Transceiver

igclient.exe opens and closes instantly

When you double click on the client program igclient.exe, you will briefly see a command window open and then close. This is normal. igclient.exe is a command-line program that takes command line options. If no options are giving, it prints a list of options it takes and closes. To use the program, you need to […]

Serial IR Transceiver

What are the proper settings for WinLIRC?

The receiver type is DCD. The transmitter should be set to DTR. Make sure that the “hardware carrier” box is NOT checked. In fact, no boxes should be checked. Click on the image to th right for a screenshot of WinLIRC properly configured. More information can be found at the WinLIRC homepage. We have experienced […]

USB IR Transceiver

Error: Failed to get id. Device may not have one assigned.

If your device id gets messed up, the device will crash right after starting up as whenever igdaemon sees a new device, it asks for the device’s ID and this query is crashing the USB device. If this is the case, you’ll have something like this in your igdaemon log: Feb 19 22:07:03 2012 INFO: […]