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 +====== Ordering FAQ ======
 +===== Where is my tracking number? =====
 +Tracking is only available on orders placed with Express or Priority shipping. Standard Shipping does not include a tracking number. If you placed an order that has tracking, the tracking number should have been emailed to you in the shipping notice. If you are missing the tracking number, please fill out a [[https://​www.iguanaworks.net/​osTicket/​|Support Request]].
 +===== Can you alter the customs value of a shipment? =====
 +Um, no.  The declared value of a shipment will match the price paid for that shipment. Sorry.
 +===== Do you ship to [Insert Country]? =====
 +We ship to any of the [[https://​www.paypal.com/​worldwide/​|190 countries that Paypal supports]]. Basically if Paypal will process your transaction,​ we will ship it to you.
 +====== USB IR Transceiver FAQ ======
 ===== Getting debug messages from igdaemon ===== ===== Getting debug messages from igdaemon =====