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 +==== Technical Overview of the Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver ====
 +All communication with the IR Transceiver is initialized by the host computer over USB. 
 +Here's what happens when you want to transmit an IR signal with the Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver:​
 +1. Tell LIRC / WinLIRC I want to transmit the '​MUTE'​ code
 +1. LIRC / WinLIRC looks up '​MUTE'​ and turns that code into a series of pulses (IR on) and spaces (no IR)
 +1. LIRC / WinLIRC talks to the Iguanaworks Daemon (igdaemon) and tells it that it wants to transmit a series of pulses and spaces.
 +1. Igdaemon converts that series of pulses and spaces into a compressed transmit sequence our devices understands (see [[:​hwProtocol|hwProtocol]])
 +1. Igdaemon sends transmit sequence to Iguanaworks IR Transceiver over USB
 +1. Firmware on Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver receives command and issues acknowledgement over USB.
 +1. Firmware on Iguanaworks processes command and transmits IR in specified sequence. Device is blocking while transmitting.
 +1. Once device finishes IR Transmission,​ it can process further commands, etc.