Technical Overview of the Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver

All communication with the IR Transceiver is initialized by the host computer over USB.

Here's what happens when you want to transmit an IR signal with the Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver:

1. Tell LIRC / WinLIRC I want to transmit the 'MUTE' code 1. LIRC / WinLIRC looks up 'MUTE' and turns that code into a series of pulses (IR on) and spaces (no IR) 1. LIRC / WinLIRC talks to the Iguanaworks Daemon (igdaemon) and tells it that it wants to transmit a series of pulses and spaces. 1. Igdaemon converts that series of pulses and spaces into a compressed transmit sequence our devices understands (see hwProtocol) 1. Igdaemon sends transmit sequence to Iguanaworks IR Transceiver over USB 1. Firmware on Iguanaworks USB IR Transceiver receives command and issues acknowledgement over USB. 1. Firmware on Iguanaworks processes command and transmits IR in specified sequence. Device is blocking while transmitting. 1. Once device finishes IR Transmission, it can process further commands, etc.