Known Good Devices

These devices are known to be compatible with the IguanaWorks USB transceiver. This list is not exhaustive; it just contains examples that have been tested by us or people we know. Any device that works with LIRC should be ok, but we'll keep adding devices to this list until we're certain that we support any device LIRC supports. Let us know what works for you and we'll add it to the list.

ManufacturerDevice TypeModel NumberNotes
DirectTV DirectTV D10-200 Had to download the config file instead of learning (for both USB and serial devices).
Kenwood Tuner/AMP KR-V6030
Magnavox VCR VR601BMG21 Short, simple codes. One of our primary test devices.
Panasonic TV PT-50LC14 Long codes. One of our primary test devices.
Phillips DVD DVP642/37
Sanyo TV DS25390
Sony TV KDF5WE655
Technics Receiver SA-EX510 Sensitive to angle of signal, but same with actual remote.
Axion DVD AXN-6075 40kHz carrier preferred (others intermittent)
RCA HDTV-Rec. DTC-100 56kHz carrier only